A Clear and Simple Static Site Builder


Make static websites with maximum clarity

Spin up a working environment that has a simple and clear structure so you never get lost in the weeds. Create pages in the .pages folder. Place components from the .components folder in your pages. Write CSS in the .styles folder.

Write components once, and use them throughout your site

Components are just snippets of html that you can insert anywhere on your site - including within other components! Write a navbar and include it in all your pages quickly and easily - just add %% my_component.html anywhere and it will be inserted automatically.

Write your content in markdown for quick and easy editing

You can write your content in markdown, making it easier, quicker, and more accessible to author and update your site. Similarly to adding components, just add markdown content to your html by using the same %% syntax, but adding the markdown or md command before the source of the text: %% md my_markdown.md